Yowakutemo Katemasu
Network NTV
Number of episodes: 11
First episode: An eccentric? A teacher's ambition
Original airing: April 12, 2014 - ???
Opening: Guts by Arashi
Genre: School drama, sport

Yowakutemo Katemasu (弱くても勝てます?) is a J-drama originally from a novel.


This drama is about a person named Tamo Aoshi (Ninomiya Kazunari) who works at Tokyo University (Todai) science lab but then one day that science lab closes for about a year. Everyone who is working there needs to get another job until that one year is over. So Aoshi goes to get a job at his high school, Odawara Jotoku. It's only a one year contract though. So when he enters the school he first sees the baseball club training with only five people in it.

Jotoku is a very smart school but is very terrible at baseball. Aoshi played baseball when he was younger but then distanced himself from baseball after Yachida Kentaro (Ichikawa Ebizo) his long time rival told him a baseball field isn't where he is supposed to be. But Aoshi decided that he will become Jotoku's baseball coach and win while been weak. Jotoku's baseball has trouble at first but they overcome those and train hard to win the baseball league for highschoolers.



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  1. An eccentric? A teacher's ambition


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