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Travelers: Jigen Keisatsu
A movie for Travelers: Jigen Keisatsu
Release date April 13, 2013
Written by Sōtarō Hayashi
Directed by Koichi Sakamoto

Travelers: Jigen Keisatsu (トラベラーズ 次元警察 Toraberāzu Jigen Keisatsu?, literally translated as "Travelers: Dimensional Police") is a Japanese science fiction film directed by Koichi Sakamoto, starring Nao Nagasawa, Ayumi Kinoshita and Yuko Takayama. It was released in Japan on April 13, 2013.[1][2]


Ai is a Dimensional Police officer who jumps into "Retro World" (レトロワールド Retoro Wārudo?) to hunt down the criminal organization "Doubt" (ダウト Dauto?). There, she faces off against her former partner Yui, who now works for Doubt.


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