SD Season 1 title card
Sukeban Deka
Network Fuji TV
Number of episodes: 24
First episode: A Mysterious New Student - Saki
Original airing: April 11, 1985 - October 30, 1985
Ending: Shiroi Honō by Yuki Saito
Genre: Police, Crime

Sukeban Deka (スケバン刑事?) is a 1985 live action Toei TV series based on a manga created by Shinjii Wada


A juvenile delinquent code-named Saki Asamiya is taken in by the government and forced to fight crime to redeem her actions. She is sent to various high schools to infiltrate and neutralize gangs and other forms of crime as a police officer using her metal yo-yo badge as a weapon.




  1. A Mysterious New Student - Saki
  2. Saki Returns
  3. Get the Bomber!
  4. Pale Glare of Hell
  5. Black Mass at 2:00am
  6. Target the Idol
  7. Love and Hatred on Archery
  8. Murder of a High School Girl Model
  9. Stop the Bullying
  10. An Attacker Targeted
  11. The Evil Three Sisters - Introduction
  12. Saki, You're Already Dead
  13. Play the Melody of Death
  14. The Bloody Keyboard
  15. Saki Caught in a Trap
  16. Escape from Hell Castle
  17. Is Takanoha High Burning?
  18. Emergency of Another Special Detective
  19. Secret of Saki's Birth Disclosed
  20. The Haunted Father and Daughter
  21. You Killed My Father!
  22. The Evil Family Should Go to Hell
  23. An Explosive Doll
  24. Saki, Forever...

Sequels and feature films

The popularity of the manga and the series led to two sequel series and two theatrical films:



While the property nearly dissipated into obscurity in the 1990s, with only an OVA based on the original manga made, it was revived for a 2006 film which was dubbed Yo-Yo Girl Cop in international release.

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