This is a STYLE GUIDE page- part of a series of supplements to assist you in your editing of the wiki. The STYLE GUIDE is currently in construction. Please be patient.

Things the wiki needs done:

  1. Make any missing 20px icons for main page
  2. Continue making or copying templates as need be
  3. Western-style needs set on cast lists copied from D-Addicts as they use Japanese Style.
  4. Templates from D-Addicts can be deleted, unless they might be helpful but would need to be created.
  5. De-Wikipedia any articles with {{Wikipedia}} tag, other than links that could/would go to pages on this wiki which can be retained.
  6. Split show pages with multiple seasons into a page for the show itself, and then a page for each season. It would look like this: (Main Page URL) --> Landing Page (Discusses the show and any specials) < (Season 1 page), (Special page), (Season 2 page). Front page link should point to ONLY the landing page (which discusses the show as a whole). That page, in turn, can then direct folks to the individual seasons and specials. Note: This does not apply when a show has only one season and a special. Those can be on the same page.
  7. Update actor and actress pages to match the preload.
  8. Update preloads to match the formats needed by the wiki.
  9. Update actor pages so that links to other hub wikis fall under "See also" heading, and all other external links go under External Links
  10. Continue to add known dramas to the wiki. Made for TV drama films such as Ranma 1/2 are also fine. Content must be available for any item added to the wiki via either D-Addicts or Wikipedia, unless the author wishes to draw it up himself.
  11. More as we think of it.
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