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Shaken BABY!
A movie for Shaken BABY!
Release date January 4, 2010
Written by Miyajima Ryoko
Directed by Nagayama Kozo, Tanaka Mineya

Shaken BABY! (しぇいけんBABY! Shaken BABY!?) is a Japanese comedy drama with a tagline of "Shakespeare Syndrome". It aired on Fuji TV.


Hiroshi is a very very normal second year student of Tomei University.

One day, having being dumped by his girlfriend Akemi, for the reason that "You're boring because you're too normal," and after being coerced by his classmate Shun, to change his too normal self, he decides to join Tomei's infamous "Shakespeare Research Team" or "Shaken" for short.

The members of that group were comprised of truly unique people including, Ryuta, who believes acting with one's emotion is of upmost importance, Eita, an aspiring actor, Sakurako, a new member and one who loves attention, and Yukiko, the sempai main actress with the Do-S character.

Will Hiroshi be able to escape this hell of normalcy? This silly, perverted, serious youth comedy is "Shaken BABY!" -- Fuji TV


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