Network TV Asahi
Number of episodes: 12
First episode: Face.01 Fifteens
Original airing: January 10, 2005 - March 28, 2005
Opening: OVER by Haishima Kuniaki
Ending: Sekai no Owari by SAE
Genre: Action

Sh15uya, or Shibuya Fifteen (シブヤフィフティーン?), is a drama that aired on TV Asahi from January 10, 2005-March 28, 2005.


  • Based on the manga series published by TOEI.
  • The main character Tsuyoshi (boy) is played by Saya Yuki (girl).
  • If you are with me you can get it. This is Shibuya but it is not Shibuya. This is where Shibuya 109 is next to 108 (Tokyo), and the highways signs write Shibuya. The people who live in this virtual world are "Shibuya 15". The only thing real is the pain.


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  1. Face.01 Fifteens
  2. Face.02 Borderline
  3. Face.03 Runaway
  4. Face.04 Hunting
  5. Face.05 Death Trap
  6. Face.06 Dive Out
  7. Face.07 Reset
  8. Face.08 Dead End
  9. Face.09 Revu
  10. Face.10 Piecemaker
  11. Face.11 End of the World
  12. Face.12 Real