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Sayaka Akimoto
AKB48 20090704 Japan Expo 07
Born: July 26, 1988
Born in: Chiba Prefecture, Japan
Garo: Makai no HanaIcon-crosswiki,
Majisuka Gakuen

Sayaka Akimoto (秋元 才加 Akimoto Sayaka?), is a Japanese idol singer, dancer, actress, television host, and model. She is best known as being a member of the Japanese idol girl group AKB48, where she had served as the captain of Team K and has also been involved in the AKB48 sub-unit DiVA.


Akimoto was born and raised in Chiba Prefecture to a Japanese father and a Filipino mother.[1] On the last day of the Budoukan concert on August 23, 2009, during the team shuffle, Akimoto was officially made captain of Team K. Akimoto has been featured on every single by the group as she is the Captain of Team K making her a regular featured member for most of their A-side tracks until she was suddenly hit with a scandal in 2010. Since then she has only appeared on A-side tracks from a general election or a rock-paper-scissors tournament. On August 24, 2012, Yuko Oshima replaced her as the captain of Team K.

She is sometimes seen performing with the group during their live appearances on TV when the other featured members are on busy schedules. She has since been involved with sub-unit group DiVA under Avex. Akimoto is also one of the most well-known members among the public, as she was a regular on the popular noon TV show Waratte Iitomo, and as well as appearing in many variety TV shows.

On April 7, 2013 Akimoto announced on her official blog that she would not be participating in AKB48's 2013 general election, and would be graduating from AKB48 to focus on her acting. She plans to continue in the DiVA group. Her graduation ceremony was held on August 22 at the Tokyo Dome,[2][3] and her final stage performance was held on August 28 at the AKB48 Theater,[4][5] and has been streamed live by Nico Nico Namahousou.[6]




Year English Title Japanese Title Role
2008 Tadashii Ouji no Tsukuri Kata 正しい王子のつくり方 Kiryu Natsuki (桐生夏輝?)
2008 Ecogainder 環境超人エコガインダー Mudana-sama (ムダーナ?)
2010 Salary Man Kintaro 2 サラリーマン金太郎2 Torii Madoka (鳥居まどか?)
2010 Arienai! (episode 7) あり得ない! Aihara Kaori (相原香織?)
2010 Majisuka Gakuen マジすか学園 Chokoku (チョウコク?)
2011 Majisuka Gakuen 2 マジすか学園2 Chokoku (チョウコク?)
2011 Kudo Shinichi e no Chosenjo 名探偵コナン 工藤新一への挑戦状 Suzuki Sonoko (鈴木園子?)
2012 Asadora Satsujin Jiken 朝ドラ殺人事件 Niimi Miho (新見美穂?)
2012 Taiga Drama Daisakusen 大河ドラマ大作戦 Niimi Miho (新見美穂?)
2013 Housou Hakubutsukan Kikiippatsu 放送博物館危機一髪 Niimi Miho (新見美穂?)
2013 Discover Dead (episode 1) ディスカバーデッド Mermaid
2014 GARO -Makai no Hana-Icon-crosswiki 牙狼〈GARO〉-魔戒ノ花- Biku (媚空?)


Year Title Role
2008 Mujack Self
2008 AKB 0ji 59fun Self
2008–2013 AKBingo! Self
2008–2010 AKB48 Nemosu TV (AKB48ネ申テレビ?) Self
2009–2010 Shukan AKB48 (週刊AKB?) Self
2009 Music Fighter Self
2010 G.I. Goro Self
2010-2012 Waratte Iitomo! Self


Year English Title Japanese Title Role
2007 Densen Uta 伝染歌 Matsuda Shuri (松田朱里?)
2009 Super Gore Girl 聖白百合騎士団 Takashi Yukie (鷹司有希恵?)
2009 High Kick Girl! ハイキック・ガール! Rika (リカ?)
2012 Ultraman SagaIcon-crosswiki ウルトラマンサーガ Ozaki Anna (アンナ(尾崎杏奈)?)
2014 Tokyo Slaves 奴隷区 -僕と23人の奴隷- Arakawa Eia (荒川エイア?)
2014 Mango to Akai Kurumaisu マンゴーと赤い車椅子 Miyasono Ayaka (宮園彩夏?)


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