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Haruna Kojima
Haruna kojima 00851179
Born: April 19, 1988
Born in: Saitama, Japan
Agency: Ogi Production
Role(s): Miki Hayama,
Asahi Wakamatsu
Aoi Honoo,
Coin Locker Monogatari,
Ikemen desu ne,
Majisuka Gakuen,
Mei-chan no Shitsuji,
Megutan tte Maho tsukaeru no?
Haruna in one of her AKB48 uniforms in 2010.

Haruna Kojima (小嶋陽菜 Kojima Haruna?) is a Japanese actress and singer. She is a former member of AKB48's Team A.

TV Shows

TV Show Theme Songs

  • Ogoe Diamond (AKB48), ending theme song for Mendol (TV Tokyo, 2008)
  • Relax! (No Sleeves), opening theme song for Mendol (TV Tokyo, 2008)
  • Sakura no Hanabiratachi (AKB48), theme song for Desuyone (TBS, 2006)




  • 15th Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix (Jul-Sep 2011): Best Supporting Actress for Ikemen desu ne


  • Attended Musashino Omiya High School[1].
  • Her hobbies include shopping.
  • Her favorite foods include sushi and mangos.
  • Her favorite mascot is Sanrio character My Melody.
  • Mayumi Natsu, a former choreographer for Morning Musume-a group which she fancies for, that challenged her to take part in the AKB48 audition.
  • She is one of the original Team A members, who was later transferred to Team B.
  • Known to be best friends with former member Hitomi Komatani.
  • She dropped out of high school at the age of 16 due to school regulations which does not allow students to work in entertainment industry.
  • Would have rather joined Morning Musume than AKB48.
  • Haruna is well known as one of the tallest girl in AKB48.
  • Her autograph mimics a girl with hairstyle spelled "Haruna".
  • Known for her good relationship with Yuko Oshima (KojiYuu).
  • Has been a model for the lingerie company Peach John since February 2013.
  • As of July 23, 2013, Haruna is the oldest member of AKB48.
  • Got her first solo center in AKB48's 33rd single, Heart Ereki.
  • She stands 5'4.6" tall.

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