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Death Note
Network NTV
Number of episodes:
First episode:
Original airing: July 5, 2015 -
Genre: Horror, Mystery

Death Note is a 2015 live action television drama based on the 2003 popular manga by Tsugumi Ohba and the 2006 anime series written by Toshiki Inoue. It was simulcast on Crunchyroll for international viewers starting on July 8, 2015[1]


A young man named Light Yagami stumbles upon a diary called a Death Note and discovers that it belonged to a Shinigami (death god). He uses its power to judge the wicked by writing their names in the Death Note, killing them. But is such judgement something that Humans should possess, or is it a power that is beyond our comprehension?



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Behind the Scenes

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Deviations from the Manga

  • In the first episode, Light needed a Japanese-English dictonary to translate the rules of the Death Note. In the manga and anime, Light is a gifted prodigy and is fluent in or able to comprehend English.
  • Light is portrayed as more innocent, impulsive and sympathetic at the start, freaking out after using the Death Note for the first few times and wanting to commit suicide for his acts, and was terrified of Ryuk upon meeting him. He also does not seem to have any of his bored or apathetic tendencies his original counterpart had.
    • His opponent L is more handsome in a bishounen sense and less eccentric, drinking energy drink pouches rather than consuming sweets and being more proactive in finding Kira.
  • Light's mother Sachiko is dead, this is a story element that is original to the Drama and exists in no other format.

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